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Sapa - the Northern Hill Station is a must-visit when in Vietnam, known for its stunning vistas, evergreen rice fields, and unique tribal culture. Experience all this and more on this adventure trekking tour with Onetrip. You will be joined by a member of the Red Zhao tribe who will guide you through the trek, teaching you all about their culture and way of life as you step over stones, wade through little streams, and walk amid lush rice fields to a beautiful backdrop endless mountains.

Detailed itinerary

(DAY 1) - SAPA - BAN KHOANG - TA PHIN (7:30 AM - 8:30 PM)

Be ready at your hotel lobby at 7:30 AM. Here you will meet your guide for the adventure, a member of the Red Zhao minority tribe holding a welcome board with your name on. You will be able to spot them thanks to their beautiful and colorful traditional costumes. Once all introductions are done, we will take a quick ride to Ban Khoang village, and after a basic breakfast here, the trekking begins.

The Red Zhao tribe is one of many that have called Sapa "home" for over 100 years. As you journey around on foot, your guide will tell you stories of their ancient culture. As you step over streams and walk through rice terraces you will get to know more about their daily lives in the mountains, far away from big cities. These tribespeople grow and catch their own food, collect herbs for medicinal purposes, and live a very humble life in this part of the world.

Not to mention the views! You'll be passing through valleys of terraced rice fields dotted with tribal villages and surrounded by mountains on all sides. The sceneries are extremely picturesque and will take your breath away - but that could also be because you're a little bit tired from the trekking. No worries, you will stop and enjoy a picnic lunch spread with bread, cheese, fruits and special sticky rice cooked in bamboo stick while basking in the stunning views.

Note: You have the option of choosing one of two routes when trekking your way from Ban Khoang to Ta Phin village. The easier option is 9 km and you will arrive at your homestay in Ta Phin village at about 2:30 PM. If you're up for a longer adventure, opt for the 14 km route. You will reach your homestay a little later, at around 3:30 PM.


Once we've checked-in to our homestay and have had some time to rest our legs, it'll be time to get them walking again! Next on the itinerary is a cave nearby and the group will be led by some special guests: children of the Red Zhao tribe! They are curious to meet travelers from around the world and this will be an opportunity for some cultural exchange.

Afterward, we will sit down and learn how to embroider beautiful patterns from some of the skilled tribal members. You will get to make your own bracelet and of course, keep it as a special memory. Then, to welcome the evening, we will prepare a traditional herbal bath for you. You will get to immerse yourself into a tub of carefully selected herbs - an experience that will calm your mind, body, and soul. Take the time to relax, breathe in the aromas and enjoy the warm water.

After that, we will join hands and prepare dinner with the family. While cutting and chopping the ingredients, you'll get to learn about the local cuisine and the dishes you are preparing. You can save the recipe to try and replicate it back home. Once dinner is prepared, we will eat together and spend some time enjoying the cool night breeze before we tuck into our beds.

Note: If you choose the 1-day tour option, your adventure ends after dinner. We will head back to Sapa town in a private car and say our goodbyes.

(Day 2) - TA PHIN – TRUNG CHAI VILLAGE - SAPA (8:30 AM - 3:00 PM)

Day 2 starts with breakfast with the lovely host family, and then it's time to pack up and carry on with the rest of the adventure on foot. We will make our way to a nearby village called Trung Chai, a place where you can delve deeper into the Black H'Mong culture, a tribe that has been living next door to the Red Zhao for over a 100 years. There will be no shortage of spectacular sceneries on the way.

Once we reach Trung Chai village, we will take a quick rest before heading to Sapa by private car. For lunch, we will have Salmon hotpot and then spend the next few hours exploring Sapa town and checking out various famous tourist attractions around the square, and also the local market. You may want to buy some lovely souvenirs to take home. The beautiful colors and intricate patterns of the handicrafts will remind you of your adventures in Vietnam. Towards the end of the adventure, we will enjoy a delicious cup of local coffee at a cafe that offers beautiful views of Fansipan mountain, the tallest peak in Vietnam. And then we end our journey and say our farewells, but with a lot of memories and photographs.

Packing tips:

We recommend that you wear trousers and long-sleeved shirts. Leave the flip-flops behind - you'll want to wear proper sneakers or trekking shoes for the journey. Don't pack a lot of stuff for the trip either, because you don't want to shoulder the weight as you walk. Light luggage (3 - 4kg recommended), a small personal bag for your valuables, a pair of sunglasses, your camera and charger should be more than enough. We will provide sunscreen and insect repellent.

If you have big luggage that you need to store somewhere, just let us know and we can arrange it for you.


Delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinner, drinks to cool off (wine is not included), entrance fees, shuttle transfer car, and overnight accommodation are included.

Important notes

NOTE: If you start from Hanoi, we also offer transport both ways with 9-seater Limousine, Car, and Train, please reach out to us for further details.


  • 30% cancellation fee for any cancellation made less than 24 hours prior to the tour date since we have to book many services in advance.
  • Otherwise, there is a 5% transaction fee for bookings that are canceled 24 hours prior to the departure in order to cover for transaction processing costs.

7 reviews


We booked the day before for the tour and were lucky to get a slot with our guide, Su May. The booking experience was fast, efficient and assuring over WhatsApp. We met with the guide early in the morning, they were punctual and drove us to the starting point (a local’s house) where we had a delicious breakfast then we started the trek in a rainy and foggy weather. Though we couldn’t enjoy the view as much as we like (too much fog), we thoroughly enjoyed the company of our guide who was so willing and passionate about sharing the tribe’s way of life with us. She prepared bamboo sticky rice so that we could have it as a midway snack. She even took some fern leaves and weave a beautiful crown for us. Eventually because of the heavy rain, we chose embroidery class for the later part of the day and hang out at the homestay instead of a bamboo forest trek. We ended the day with a herbal bath, a hearty dinner and homemade rice wine. We highly recommend this experience with everyone which we find it unforgettable and valuable.

I had a trip for Halong Bay canceled, thus I booked Sapa trekking experience via OneTrip last minute for myself, my mom and my sister with a local guide (May-Jun). Despite the rain, we had an adventurous morning walk across the rice fields. We enjoyed our 3-hour walk in the rain, exchanged a number of laughing moments, and truly recharged being offline in nature. We took beautiful pictures and videos too. May-Jun bravely guided us to her village. There, we enjoyed a nice afternoon at her home. We had lunch, sat in front of the kitchen fire, took an embroidery class. Then, we also took herbal baths and enjoyed cooking dinner with her family. We felt good, cared for as if we were visiting our own family. May-Jun made it fun, warm and memorable. In fact, I am glad we skipped the touristy cruise. Our hearts felt good after this experience. I would highly recommend a day in Sapa with May-Jun!

A day with May Kim, our Dzao tour guide, that gave us a glimpse of her life as a minority ethnic married woman in one of the remote villages of Sapa! She followed her husband to live in his village and could return to her birth village more often than others because of her working as a tour guide. However this doesn’t reduce her responsibility to her in-laws, the household chores and handing over her earnings at the end of the day.<br/><br/>We were privileged to be able to spend 13 hours with her , to walk side by side with her through the terraced rice and corn fields , to attend her cousin’s anniversary party, to enjoy an embroidery lesson, to take a herbal bath in her mother’s home and to share a family meal with her! <br/><br/>I would recommend that you walk in her shoes for one day! It’s an experience of a lifetime!<br/><br/>We were grateful for the opportunity! Thank you May Kim!

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