The Mekong Delta

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The Experience

Saigon’s concrete jungle can be overwhelming at times. If you’re feeling the need to decompress, why not spend the day in the lush Mekong Delta and catch a glimpse of this fascinating way of life for many locals in southern Vietnam.

Whether you’re driving on the back of the motorcycle through the dragon fruit orchards or coasting along the otherworldly riverside coconut plantations, the Mekong Delta is the perfect place to catch a breath of fresh air and enjoy the picturesque countryside, not to mention all the amazing dishes you’ll get to enjoy... no one ever comes home hungry or empty-handed!

Detailed itinerary

The Mekong Delta can be experienced in a few different ways: Same day (Ben Tre) or overnight (floating markets), and both have motorcycle or private car options.

The same-day motorcycle option is a long and strenuous journey of close to 100-km each way. Not for the faint of heart, but if you can manage the butt pain, it's an adventure to remember.

(DAY 1) 7 AM for Motorcycle / 7:30 AM for Private Car

We will pick you up at your accommodation, then head towards a local Vietnamese sandwich (Banh Mi) or noodle (Hu Tieu) shop for breakfast.

(DAY 1) 10:00 AM

After breakfast, we go straight to Ben Tre, stopping at Ham Luong River, one of the biggest rivers of the Mekong Delta. From here, we will board a private boat and explore the different islands along the river.

You will get a chance to paddle a sampan along a small canal with bushy water coconuts on both sides of the banks. We will then cycle around the different gardens on the coconut islands.

(DAY 1) 1:00 PM

We will gather for a lovely lunch with all sorts of local flavors.

After lunch, we will attend a coconut processing to see how efficiently are coconuts used for making coconut candies.

(DAY 1) 3:00 - 5:30pm (By car ) / 4:00 - 7:00pm (by motorcycle)

If you chose the Same-Day option, then we will head back to Saigon. Otherwise, we will take you to your accommodation in Can Tho.

(DAY 2) 5:30 AM

We will explore the waterways with an early morning boat ride to Cai Rang, the biggest floating market. It's a lovely time to take in some fresh air and see how the local conduct their commerce.

Following Cai Rang, we will head toward a smaller floating market, visit a rice factory, and have Bánh Hỏi for breakfast; it's a fine rice vermicelli dish traditionally served during Vietnamese engagement ceremonies. It's super tasty!

(DAY 2) 11:30 AM - 4:30 PM

We will start to head back to Saigon via some very scenic roads, stopping for a local lunch. Just keep in mind that the ride home is very flexible and we can stop whenever you want to take a picture or have a drink of break. We should arrive at your accommodation between 4:00 - 5:00 PM.

45 reviews

May 2017

We had the most wonderful day trip out to the Mekong delta. Bin and Beer were so kind and knowledgeable. They were unbelievably good at driving their motorbikes and made us feel at ease. There was one occasion where a snake jumped out of nowhere into the middle of the road and beer (with ninja reactions) managed to dodge it!

The stops were very interesting and hosted by lovely local people. We also didn't see a single other tourist the whole day!!

Definitely go for a day of adventure and exploration of the real Vietnam.

Beth V
May 2017

We went to the Mekong Delta by car for a day with Doan. Everything was wonderful and well organized. Doan has such a fun attitude, and he was knowledgeable about the area and its history. We enjoyed all of the food at local spots, and the scenery was beautiful! Highly recommend!

Tony C
April 2017

I did the Mekong River tour with OneTrip. They were great, I wish they would expand beyond Vietnam.

The tour is fantastic. You go with a friendly guide in a car (at least that was the option we chose), rather than an overstuffed, sweaty van with a guide who couldn't care less. The guide had EVERYTHING taken care of, from delicious food stops to sun screen. They literally take care of everything. They are absolutely worth the cost. I highly recommend this to anyone travelling in the area.

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