Noir. Dining in the Dark

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Noir. Dining in the Dark

The Experience

Of our five senses, sight dominates. Remove sight and our other senses heighten, working even more closely together than before.

We invite you to embark on a culinary journey like no other with Noir: Dining in the Dark. Experience a different world in which you savor exquisite tastes and textures in complete darkness.

Detailed itinerary

Choose any one of our three unique (and secret) set menus, each a symphony of flavours, inspired by contemporary European and Asian cuisines. The chef and his team have crafted the meals around different textures and flavours in a playful combination designed to enhance your dining experience. Let these textures, flavours and aromas shine, stimulating your other senses as you eat in complete darkness. Can you guess what’s on your plate? Is it surprising? Confusing? Fascinating? Delicious? If you want second helpings, please ask, it comes at no extra charge.

Throughout this whole experience you will be guided by our visually impaired team. We invite you to step into the dark, trust in our experienced guides, and savor an experience that inspires you to think about your perception of people, food, and your surroundings. This is more than just a meal in complete darkness, it’s a sensory journey and an opportunity you surely don’t want to miss.

Important notes

Please let our team know about any dietary restrictions and/or allergies when you place your reservation. Kindly remind the team upon your arrival to the restaurant.

154 reviews


From the moment we arrived at the restaurant we felt very welcome and comfortable. We were given a welcome drink and invited to play a blind folded game to give us some insight in the experience that laid ahead. We both opted for the western menu and pointed out in our booking that we did not want any seafood which was accommodated for without any fuss. We met our extremely friendly waiter Boa who should us to our table and made us feel very comfortable in a surreal situation.The food was beautiful and i was an all round brilliant night.If you visit Ho Chi Minh its a must do to visit this restaurant.J & C Irl !!!

This is amazing wonderful experience, hope I can come next time soon, the service and all staff are very kind ,cute and sweet, love them so much!

Beautiful food. Excelkent service.A unique dining experience. Love that the wait staff are people wurh disbiluties.

Not to be missed.

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