A Vegan Food Adventure

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Hieu and Spring

The Experience

Join us on this adventure that combines mouthwatering food, vibrant neighborhoods, and fun-loving people as we get off the main streets and discover Saigon’s delicious vegan food destinations.
We’ll take the best way to explore - on foot! We’ll walk around two historic districts, taste unique and delightful plant-based Vietnamese dishes, and see local life up close. We’ve hand-picked the best vegan bites in the city so you don’t have to second guess, it’s a delight to share these food finds with you.

This tour was carefully curated for vegans but non-vegans will also find this enjoyable and worth their while.

Detailed itinerary

9:00 AM - 1:00 PM / 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The tour starts off at Nowzone Center. From here we’ll make our way to what locals call the “Guitar Street”. This 500-meter stretch along Nguyen Thien Thuan Street has more than 30 shops displaying crafted guitars. We’ll make a brief stop here to take a look at how these beauties are built and meet the craftsmen behind the stunning designs. You can even pick up one and play a tune! Nothing sets the mood better than some feel-good music.

A short walk from there will lead us to our very first food stop. Here we’ll try a Central Vietnam favorite called Mì Quảng. This dish has thick noodles, a broth made from tamarind and vegetable stock,baby wasabi leaf, banana flowers, tofu, peanuts, carrots, and mint. It’s a cross between a salad and a noodle dish, so you get the best of both worlds. Dig in but don’t get too filled up yet, we’re just getting started!

Next item we’re checking off our list is com tam. The vegan version consists of tasty slices of tofu marinated in a special vegan sauce on a bed of steamy broken rice. This dish is a staple on on many Vietnamese tables, it’ll be a pity to give it a miss.

We’ll finish off the first part of the food adventure with something light and fresh. Spring rolls are a medley of tapioca, sweet potatoes, rice noodles, herbs, and cucumber - simple, easy-to-eat but insanely delicious!

After we’ve had our fill, we’ll venture further into District 3 towards Nguyen Thien Thuat apartment. Built in 1968, this apartment building was home to veterans of the war and is one of the oldest buildings in Saigon. Walk up the stairs and see the local people going about their everyday business, and if you can, start a conversation.

After the visit to the old apartment building, we’ll head to Ho Thi Ky flower market. Get lost in the colors and smells of this floral paradise and for a few dollars, you can pick up a lovely bouquet that you fancy.

Next we’re heading to another market put up by Cambodians who fled their country decades ago. The shops have been passed on to children and grandchildren who now still sell Cambodian food and products. Here, we’ll try bánh phồng nướng (grilled ginger and banana pancake) and down it with nước mía (sugarcane juice) or rượu nếp (sticky rice wine), whichever suits your taste.

We’ll end the tour with a cup/bowl of the famous chè, Vietnamese sweet soup with jelly, beans and coconut milk and fresh fruits in season - the perfect way to cool down after half a day of exploring and discovering the city.

This is an eco-tour, so only paper, bamboo, and reusable products will be used.

There is a lot to see, and even more to eat! Come hungry!


You will get to try at least 7 vegan dishes, drinks included. All you have to do is show up, eat, and have fun!

Let us know if you are on a special diet, we can customize the tour based on your needs, for no extra fee.

19 reviews


Had an amazing experience walking through several districts in Saigon sampling a wide variety of local foods, from snacks to main courses, desserts and drinks. Our guide, Huei, was extremely knowledgeable and shared much about local customs, foods, lifestyles, etc. He was always watching for our safety crossing the busy roads and exploring narrow alleys. All of the restaurants and food stalls were well-selected to give us lots of variety. We even got to cook our own pancakes over an open fire. I would highly recommend for anyone wanting to experience the real Saigon and I’m not even vegan!

Hieu and Spring were fantastic guides.

We had a great time eating vegan food. The food was delicious (the Peach Tea and noodles were spot on).

It was really nice to have them share some interesting facts about the city and the way of life in Saigon.

Overall, it was great experience that you shouldn’t miss.

I really enjoyed the vegan food tour today. We tried so many different things and had big happy bellies by the end! The best part of the tour was the guide. Hieu is a kind and genuine person which made the tour so enjoyable. He is passionate and knowledgeable with great English so you can ask him anything! If you are visiting Saigon and you want to find the best Vietnamese vegan food then I really recommend this tour. You also take a nice route around some local places in the city center so it's a great experience to see some sights off the beaten track. Plus, the tour is well timed so time walking and eating is divided nicely.

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