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The street food scene in Saigon permeates every districts and alleyways. The city boasts so many street food outlets that, at times, it feels like a gigantic open-air restaurant.

Everyday, tens of thousands of street-side eateries offer up delicious dishes originating from all over the country. We will introduce you to a variety of “hidden” street food through five different districts in Saigon, during which you will also get a taste of what it’s like to be on a scooter learning about the history and culture of our beautiful city. This is what we called a "Yummy Adventure."

Detailed itinerary

5:30 PM - 9:30 PM

We will pick you at your accommodation and take you around the city to enjoy many different local dishes, together with the stories and tradition behind them. As part of this food hunt, we will take you around the city, driving by major attractions so you can experience the drastically different city at night.

We highly recommend the motorbike option, as it is the best way to really feel the energy of this city. Make sure to let us know your food preference or restrictions so we can adapt it for the most yummy experience, just for you!

Vegan and vegetarian options are also available. Just let us know.

52 reviews


We were acquainted with OneTrip through staying at Christina's (its affiliated company) in downtown HCMC. We first went on their street food tour at night and had awesome bo la lop (grilled beef wrapped in betel nut leaf), banh canh cua (rice noodles with crab), banh xeo (the famous rice and turmeric pancakes, both the big and small kinds), and chuoi nep nuong (grilled stick rice and bananas with coconut milk and cream). Delicious food, great company, and an awesome opportunity to soak in the pulse of HCMC on motorbike.Our next tour was the student tour, where we visited local museums and pagodas. Our student volunteers were both excellent motorbike guides and sources of information on the local history and customs.Our last tour was the famous Cu Chi tunnels, where Lao and Nhiet took excellent care of us. They were the perfect "odd couple" - friendly and entertaining! OneTrip tours are never a straight line to your destination, so we had some awesome morning stops learning how rice noddles are dried outside on bamboo plats and manufactured. We had excellent iced coffee and banh cuon for breakfast as well as an outstanding homemade meal at one of the roadside stops. The Cu Chi Tunnels were an amazing sight to behold - a real example of the ingenuity that defines the country and its residents. And our guides did a stellar job of explaining the history behind the war as well as the features of the caves (and encouraging us to take the plunge and go inside - that bunker was a tight squeeze in particular). We were so impressed with our experiences in HCMC with OneTrip that we booked 3 more tours with them in Hoi An (see my other review). It's clear to my wife and me that they have put so much thought into creating unique, memorable experiences and picking such friendly and knowledgeable guides. They seem to have figured out that the savant traveler wants an experience very different from big buses and set, stale spreads of food and drink. They hire guides that want to learn just as much from the type of traveler that only this type of trip will attract.If you are looking for adventures that give you a real glimpse into HCMC and Vietnam - and that let you see it from a motorbike, the absolute best way to explore this great country - then look no further than OneTrip.

After seeing Onetrip on a Youtube vlog, Best Ever Food Review, my husband and I decided to book their evening Street Food Tour on the back of a bike. I must say it was definitely the right decision to have booked the tour upon arrival in HCMC to help us get orientated! What an amazing experience!!! Our hosts, Vintagee and Harry, were fantastic and extremely knowledgeable. The street food locations were great, especially the bun xeo vendor, and the views of the city were unbeatable. We could not recommend this tour more highly!

I definitely recommend this if you are not on a budget. I heard about Onetrip from Sonny of Best Ever Food Review Show. I was hesitant at first because it seems so expensive but pushed through since I don't have any plans for that night.This is ideal for solo travelers. My guide, Bella, served as a friend in this tour. She listened and adjusted to me accordingly. It's nice talking to a local who is trained to do the tour. Informative like a brochure, yet seasoned with a touch of delicate emotions.The tour has 5 stops. You won't feel rushed. You can ask for a take out if you feel full already. I like how each stop has a different ambience. My favorites were when I tried to cook banh xeo and where we had a view of Saigon's skyline.Riding a motorbike is so much fun! It's not just a food tour, but also a city tour.

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