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The Cu Chi Tunnels are an incredible network of connecting underground tunnels that played an integral role during the Vietnam (American) War.

Hop on the back of our two-wheels with our trained guides and head outside the city center to see the authentic local life while freshening up on the history of the war and experience what it’s like living inside the complex tunnel system.

Food, history, scenery, culture, and local industries- we cover it all! The most popular day trip destination for anyone visiting Saigon done right: Off the beaten path, personalized and adventurous.

Detailed itinerary

7:00 AM for Motorcycle / 8:00 AM for Private Car

We will pick you up at your accommodation. From there, we will head out of the city zig zagging through Saigon’s crazy traffic into a local suburb for a quick Vietnamese coffee and breakfast.

After breakfast we head toward the direction of the Cu Chi Tunnels, stopping by local businesses along the way to learn about the local crafts and industries, such as rice noodle production and natural rubber extraction.

From there it’s a straight drive to the tunnels where our guides will provide you with an in-depth history of the war, and the role that these tunnels played. You will have the opportunity to crawl inside the tunnels...just watch out for the bats!

1:30 PM

After all that crawling, you'll appreciate a big traditional Vietnamese meal with a large spread of local dishes. After lunch, a quick siesta will be in order before heading back to the city.

4:30 - 5:00 PM

We will arrive back at your accommodation. Don't forget to give our guides a hug and keep in touch. It'll likely be an experience to remember, and a new friend made.


Although the private car option is available, we recommend taking the motorcycle option as we think it is the best way to experience our Vietnamese culture. On a bike, we can stop whenever and wherever you want, whether it’s at a local football game or by the side of the road for a butt-break (yes, you will appreciate the butt-breaks!). The freedom is incomparable to anything else you've ever experienced.

For those with back problems or family with elderly or young children, then we recommend the private car option. Although, we have had a courageous 6-year old having a blast, loving every bit of the adventure.

182 reviews

May 2017

This was the highlight of my time in Saigon. I booked the Cu Chi tunnel motorbike tour and it was simply amazing. Don't book the car tour, book the motorbike because you see way more and go off roading in the back country. I felt perfectly safe on the back of the bike and it's a great way to experience how most people get around

Jack was my tour guide and he was great. Very knowledgeable, funny, and friendly. He really personalizes the tour to you and I can't say enough nice things about him. We've stayed in touch since and he's been helping me plan out the rest of my trip...I don't think anyone else can say they've had that experience.

Anyways, the tour is great and I highly highly recommend it. The cu chi tunnels were great but my favorite part was actually all the other stuff. You really get a sense for the way locals live. I even got to help shave part of a latex tree (which isn't part of the tour).

Oh! Also the lunch at the end is amazing and the family who owns the restaurant is great too.

Rachel G
May 2017

I've been traveling in New Zealand, Australia and Southeast Asia since the end of February and our motorbike trip out to the Cu Chi Tunnels with Jack and Binh was hands down one of my top three best days of the whole trip!

The combination of riding on the back of a motorbike and LITERALLY going off the beaten track with one on one time with locals gave us a real peek into life in Vietnam. We got to go behind the scenes and see how rice noodles are made, ride through a forest of rubber trees and eat the best meal I had the entire time I was in Vietnam, which was in a random, hole in the wall restaurant that I never would have found otherwise!

The Cu Chi Tunnels were SO interesting and both Jack and Binh were extremely knowledgeable about the history of it all.

I'm usually not a fan of tours, but not once did this actually feel like a tour. It felt like we were hanging out with a couple of friends cruising around the countryside and having an awesome day.

Thanks OneTrip, Jack and Binh!

May 2017

An amazing way to get out the city and see the Cu Chi Tunnels. The most dedicated and personalised tour we had in our two and half weeks in Vietnam.

Alex and Lao were brilliant - so friendly, and always felt safe on the back of the bikes. Cleaned up my knee beautifully after I caught it on the number plate!

The boys were so friendly and well-informed; we had an excellent day with all drinks, food and stops included in the price - excellent value.

A great last minute tour we booked the night before - and we were so glad we did!

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