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The Experience

Parallel with the beauty of sightseeing of long white sand beaches, fascinating islands, and turquoise seawater, Nha Trang’s cuisine is another worthy highlight for your trip to this beautiful city.

Hop on the back of a motorbike driven expertly by our Onetrip guides who will take you on a fun night out in town, trying more than a few local dishes that will certainly fill you up to the brim. Think of the night’s sleep you’ll be having!

Detailed itinerary

5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

We will pick you up at your accommodation and from there we will begin making our way through the coastal streets and alleyways, hunting for the best street-food stalls. These stalls have been operational for years and over time have gained a reputation for serving some of the best dishes in town, so you’re really in for a treat. All you have to do is come with an empty stomach and we will take care of the rest.

Not only will this foodie adventure be a wild ride for your flavor buds, it will also be learning experience - you will learn about the history of these dishes and how to prepare them. In fact, you can even try your hand at making them yourself.

We highly recommend choosing the motorbike option, in which you will ride on the back of your Onetrip guide’s bike through breezy Nha Trang. Make sure to let us know your food preferences or restrictions beforehand so we can adapt the itinerary to your needs.

Vegan and vegetarian options are also available.


Your meals and drinks are included in the price. All you have to do is eat!

Important notes


  • 30% cancellation fee for any cancellation made less than 24 hours prior to the tour date since we have to book many services in advance.
  • Otherwise, there is a 5% transaction fee for bookings that are canceled 24 hours prior to the departure in order to cover for transaction processing costs.

Pick-up Location:

Meeting/Pick-up points: Pick-up from hotels in downtown area.

Guests who need to be picked up & dropped off in a suburban location, have to pay an extra fee:

  • By bike: $10/ 1 pax
  • By car: $15/ 2 ways

19 reviews


We have done food tours all over Vietnam and this one was fantastic. Both our guides had good English and filled us with great insight into life here and also showed us some of the amazing delicacies Nha trang has to offer. Book through their website. Thanks for a fun evening!

We did food tour and student city tour with Onetrip. It was really a pleasant experience from booking to itinerary planning and lastly to experience the tour. They replied promptly with constructive information which is really helpful for me to plan my trip!Onetrip helped me plan my husband's birthday and adjusted the foodlist to fit my vegetarian diet. we learnt so much about local food that night and end the tour with round tummy. Thuy and Viet went beyond and above to arrange and prepare a surprise birthday cake for my husband! We did 5 stops at different local eateries where only the locals patron, the food are amazingly tasty and fresh!!! I really enjoy my bike ride and chitchat with Thuy :) The next day, we did a city tour with Trang and Viet. Viet surprise my husband with a small birthday gift, which is really a nice gesture. They planned the tour accordingly to fit our timing as we need to rush to airport afterwards. Trang and Viet are passionate, knowledgeable, and fun! They even helped us to sort out our bus tickets, took us to the bus station before the tour end. Our Nha Trang trip is beyond perfect and I cant be thankful enough for Thuy, Trang and Viet for this lovely experience ❤

We booked this tour completely last minute on a whim. My boyfriend and I had just done a food tour in Hanoi and had another food tour booked in Ho Chi Minh so hadn’t planned this one ahead and since we were only spending one day in Nha Trang. However we had the afternoon/evening free and reached out about a tour the next day via thier online website. Phoebe reached out immediately (literally within 10 mins of a website request!!) to help schedule our tour when it best suited us. The responsiveness was amazing! We booked a private tour for the two of us via motorbike which was only $110, payable via credit card on thier online site so it was very convenient.We were set up with Tri Nyugen and thuy Hoang and they were the most phenomenal tour guides!!! They both spoke great English, and Tri also speaks Russian and thuy speaks Chinese. The stops we went on were incredible. Definitely extremely small and local, far far off the “beaten track” and best of all- absolutely delicious. Riding on the back of a motorbike was so much fun and it wasn’t only a food tour as tri and thuy took us across the “noisy wooden bridge”, showed us 3-4 different districts/areas of the city, etc. Unlike the other food tours we went on in vietnam the places they picked were truly ones that have never been written about in some guide and isn’t anywhere non locals would go. We had: pork stuffed snails, fresh spring rolls, ban beo (steamed mini rice pancakes), crab soup, yogurt dessert cups, nem phan (make your own pork spring rolls), bun nem nuong (noodles with pork), mangosteens, bahn Can (mini pan fried rice pancakes topped with egg and shrimp or squid), bun ca la (fish noodle soup with jellyfish) then finished the night with avocado smoothies with coconut ice cream. ... yes.. a LOT of food but everything was so incredibly good we finished pretty much everything!! Many of the items are local specialties to Nha Trang which was a specific request of mine- they talked about how they can cater to specific food requests as needed so if you’re not as adventurous as us, no worries there! They eat with you which was great both so you didn’t feel like food was being wasted but also because it was like having dinner with friends. We had to end our night due to having a flight to Ho Chi Minh city but I really wished we had more time to hang out and drink together! The best highlight to cap it all off is that Tri is a master photographer/videographer and he took clips and videos during the course of our trip which he then compiled overnight into an amazing mini video montage that he sent to us! Such a memorable way to capture the highlights of the tour. Across our 1.5 week vacation in Korea and vietnam we did a total of 4 professionally coordinated food tours and this one with Tri and thuy with Onetrip was by FAR the best. They singlehandedly made us want to come back to Nha Trang to spend more time there and we can’t wait to come back.

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