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Calendar serves as the backbone to our Host Tools. Not only does it function as a real-time channel manager, it also integrates the complete operational workflow necessary for hosting at scale.
Real-time updates with Airbnb and direct website listings as well as other major OTAs such as
Designed as a comprehensive solution, Calendar integrates all relevant functions to maximize efficiency.
From guest inquiries all the way to check-out, Calendar keeps our complete operation organized and consistent.
We’re always on the move so our tools must have full operational capability on mobile, and desktop is optional.
Two Hearts
Two Hearts is our unified communication system, empowering our hosts to seamlessly communicate with our guests across many different channels, including Airbnb, Email, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and other major OTAs (, etc.).
Intuitive gesture
Designed with operational efficiency in mind, we focus on intuitive gestures for the most efficient communication.
With official API integration, Two Hearts sends and receives messages in real-time for a chat-like experience.
Seamless integration
Two Hearts fully integrates with Calendar, Itinerary, and includes a built-in Task Management System.
Like Calendar, Two Hearts is designed with full operational capability on the go for efficient hosting.
Itinerary makes it easy for our hosts to customize recommendations and share useful arrival details with our guests. Not only does it improve guest experience significantly, it also saves time and improves the host experience by reducing repetitive communication.
Easy to share
Sharing Itinerary is as easy as sending a unique link to your guests; no download required.
Itinerary allows easy customization by both the hosts as well as the real time.
Location based
Our location-based feature recommends many additional local experiences to your guests.
Revenue generating
Itinerary will share up to 50% of the commission revenues with hosts and content contributors.
We don’t believe in sacrificing quality for quantity. Therefore, we are working on a number of features to enhance quality as we increase the scale of our business.
Dynamic Pricing
Our team integrates data science with local market experience to maximize revenues while continuing to provide an amazing value to our guests. It’s a win-win solution.
Calytics (for owners)
We developed a stand-alone app to provide owners with real-time performance on their properties. This not only brings transparency to our stakeholders but also efficiency to our team. Calytics will add more real-time reporting features to help monitor and improve our operations as we scale.
Team Management
Since our Host Tools are fully integrated, it’s super easy to create users and assign responsibilities with different layers of privacy and access for different team members. Not only does this helps increase operational efficiency, it also tracks team performance and provides insight for continuous improvement.