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Most people’s knowledge of Hoi An is limited to its magical Ancient Town, but many are not aware that Hoi An is also famous for its cuisine.

During this fun-filled evening adventure on two-wheels, you will discover hidden Hoi An roads that lead to some of the best spots you can get your hands on delicious dishes that are unique to this part of the country.

Detailed itinerary

5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

We will pick you up at your accommodation and take you in and out of the UNESCO World Heritage protected Ancient Town to enjoy many different local dishes as you listen to stories of their origins. Our guides who are extremely knowledgeable will take you to the best places to get your hands on Central Vietnamese cuisine and they are not shy to share their secrets with you. Sit down with them and share your stories over a meal.

We highly recommend the motorbike option, as it is the most authentic way to really feel like a local. Make sure to let us know your food preferences or restrictions you may have so we can adapt the itinerary for the most yummy experience, just for you!

Vegan and vegetarian options are also available.

Make sure you keep your stomach empty as we aim to please ;)

7 reviews


TinTin!!!!! I seriously thought I would be driving a motorbike when TinTin came around for the start of our Food Tour, and was relieved to find out that I would be riding behind him. Phew! His expert driving skills are to be admired. I love food, but I don’t usually eat four hours straight, and I also didn’t want to regret not tasting famous Vietnamese street food– so I had to strategize– this meant that TinTin had to eat most of the food hahaha! Four hours flew by, every stop was fun and an adventure in itself. I still crave everything we ate at the beach. I can almost make Ban Xeo on my own. And when I found a Kem Ong cart in Hanoi, I screamed with delight knowing what it was and was grateful to have been introduced to it. Tin Tin is such a happy-go-lucky dude, you want to get a taste of of Vietnam through his eyes. You really do. Because I had so much fun on the Food Tour, I then decided to do the night Village Tour. And got Tri as my guide. Tri as in Tree. There were a lot of firsts for me that night– first time farming, first time riding a water buffalo, first time tasting bugs, first time eating with a foreign family. It was so much fun that every stop required a pause, because everything needed to be documented with my camera phone and my actual camera hahaha! Thanks for your patience, Tri!! Tri is such a kind and thoughtful dude, I was glad to get him for this adventure. But those photos of me on the water buffalo shall never see the light of day :)Listen, there are plenty of options for tours all over Vietnam, but I do think these tours with TinTin and Tree are done the right way– it’s like hanging out with new friends and not everything is so templated. In a foreign land, it’s good to not feel so out of place.

This is the best food tour we had taken, Coconut Tree, TinTin and Thui were fantastic! They were extremely knowledgable of the food and history of the town, we had learnt a lot during the trip. The team were cheerful and we very much enjoyed their company. We were taken to local food stalls and the food was delicious. The trip was a great introduction to Vietnamese food. The team also took us around the Ancient town, we had a lot of fun trying out local games and the boat ride down the river.Highly recommended! Thank you Coconut Tree, TinTin and Thui for the fantastic memory of Vietnam.

We are not really tour kind of people, but made an exception for this one because we love eating and figured it's a fun way to learn where the good places are. It's a little pricier, especially when you're used to Vietnamese prices, but it's completely worth it. I easily would have paid $100 for it based on how much food you get and the experience overall. It was just me and my husband and the two guides, Tree and Bin. We expected other people on the tour, but it was just us which gave us a lot of time to talk and have real conversations which we loved. It didn't feel touristy in any way, it really felt like we were just hanging out with two fun Vietnamese dudes. We stopped at four places to eat and they had a great mix of foods we would probably be familiar with like banh mi and then things we wouldn't necessarily try on our own but that we're delicious (a bag of quail eggs at the beach for instance). They took us all over town and went on some scenic routes on the motorbikes so we could see some back routes we wouldn't have otherwise. We got to cook our own banh xeo, or Vietnamese pancake. We also stopped for tea in old town which was exactly the refreshing treat we wanted after all the food. We played some games in town and then went on the boats to place lanterns in the water and ended with a walk through the night market with ice cream. It felt like we did everything and time flew by. Tree and Bin were laid back, but had everything planned and it was awesome to just sit back and go along for the ride. Onetrip is also a really cool organization that does a lot for young people in Vietnam and it felt good supporting them while also having a great time. As a side note, stay at Christina's in Tra Que village in Hoi An. It's run by the same company and is a perfect place to enjoy Hoi An.

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