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Most people’s knowledge of Hoi An is limited to its magical Ancient Town, but many are not aware that Hoi An is also famous for its cuisine.

During this fun-filled evening adventure on two-wheels, you will discover hidden Hoi An roads that lead to some of the best spots you can get your hands on delicious dishes that are unique to this part of the country.

Detailed itinerary

5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

We will pick you up at your accommodation and take you in and out of the UNESCO World Heritage protected Ancient Town to enjoy many different local dishes as you listen to stories of their origins. Our guides who are extremely knowledgeable will take you to the best places to get your hands on Central Vietnamese cuisine and they are not shy to share their secrets with you. Sit down with them and share your stories over a meal.

We highly recommend the motorbike option, as it is the most authentic way to really feel like a local. Make sure to let us know your food preferences or restrictions you may have so we can adapt the itinerary for the most yummy experience, just for you!

Vegan and vegetarian options are also available.

Make sure you keep your stomach empty as we aim to please ;)


Your meals and drinks are included in the price. All you have to do is eat!


Please note that there is a 30% cancellation fee for any cancellation made less than 24 hours prior to the tour date since we have to book many services in advance. Otherwise, there is a 5% transaction fee for bookings that are canceled 24 hours prior to the departure in order to cover for transaction processing costs.

19 reviews


Our first day in hcmc we decided to do the street food tour with Onetrip. We had previously did the street food tour in Hoi An which was amazing. We were lucky to have the awesome guides lynne, Vin & Ben they were very knowledgeable about the food around the different districts and we got to learn more about the history of hcmc. We were also lucky on that night Vietnam won the u23 football finals so the city was crazy and the traffic was nuts with Vietnam flags flying everywhere it was a once in a lifetime experience I felt sorry for lynne driving around in the traffic haha the food was amazing too we were soo full by the end of the tour. The tour was that much fun we also decided to do the chu chi tunnels tour with Onetrip so glad we did this tour. We got to see how they made rice paper, see how they tap into the rubber trees and also check out the countryside on the back or the bikes, not once did I ever feel unsafe on the motorbikes either did my mates. The chu chi tunnels were so interesting and eyeopener and the guys knew alot about it and always had answers for all our questions. Our guides for chu chi were Vin, Hiep and Thuan. If I every visit Vietnam I will 100% do another onetrip tour I've never experienced a tour so personal and fun . Any other chu chi tunnel tours would be boring and you wouldn't get to experience the rest of the countryside with locals. Thanks for the awesome first experience in hcmc guys miss you allRyan x

After doing a one trip street food tour in Hoi An which was incredible, we knew we had to do one in Saigon, and it did not disappoint at all.This was our first night in Saigon so it was an incredible experience to see the city on the back of motorbikes. Again, the guides make the whole trip and Lynne, Vin and Ben did an exceptional job. There was so much diversity in all the different foods (so much food!!) and districts we travelled too and the guides certainly went the extra mile to inform us about Saigon, the food and their culture. An icing on the cake was that Vietnam had just won a football match so the city was ecstatic with flags and horns going off, was a once in a lifetime experience.As soon as we got back that night we booked the cu chi tunnels through one trip again and our expectations were exceeded. The tour didn’t just go directly to the tunnels, we stopped for breakfast and had traditional Bahn mi and coffees, visiting a rice paper and rubber plantation and got to see the amazing countryside and stop for photos along the way.The tunnels themselves were fascinating, eye opening and heart felt. We were actually taken to a different part of the tunnels which was less crowded and our guides did a fabulous job of walking us through the history of the tunnels and the Vietnam war.After the tunnels we stoped for a huge lunch with some amazing Vietnamese cuisine.This tour was worth every cent and there is no better way to see Vietnam then on motorbike. The one trip tours are by far the best tours I have done in any of my travelling around the world, big hats off to you all.Thanks again Vin, Hiep and Thuan for making our time so memorable.Dean and Courtney

I came solo for a food tour and three...that's right 3 people came out to give me a tour. What an eclectic group that came out to have some food with me. Bin is such a comedian. He'll test the day waters first before he really comes out with the raw jokes. Sian, from my understanding was pretty new but knew a lot already about the food and the history of Hoi An. Honestly, I couldn't tell if she was brand new or not. And Truc is such a cutie. Wow. ;) who actually works for Christinas as their Food Manager ;).Had I known earlier about the accommodation with Christina's, I would have done all the activities through their company. That was my only regret. But there's always a next time.But as for the food the tour, we went through the heart of Hoi An. Not through the touristy spots, but through the areas where I would remember and have the best experiences. Through the street food, night beach seafood, cooking our own bahn xeo and casual stroll through the old town with all the lanterns lighting up the city really made my trip one of the best I've ever had. Again, I was traveling by myself and they came out and shared stories with me and made me forget that I was not alone, that they made me feel that I was not a customer, but a peer, a friend, and someone who can reach out later on and have a drink when I come back again to Vietnam. Forgot to get their contact infos though.Anyways, anyone can go out and have a nice dinner or have drinks by just walking around town. But you can make it 1000 times better and have a long lasting memorable experience if you share it with people who are passionate about what they do and and who know the cities and towns well.Thank you Bin, Truc ;) and Sian. You guys are the best!

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