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The Secret Waterfall

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The Experience

Want to get away? Let's get out of town and head to our secret waterfall for a truly local adventure. This experience includes a ride through the beautiful countryside where you catch a glimpse of the local life in the Quang Nam province and grab a few tasty local bites.

Detailed itinerary

7:30 AM for Motorcycle/ 8:00 AM for Private Car

Our adventure will begin early in the morning so we can enjoy the cool breeze as we make our way through the town on the way to the villages along the river. We will stop by one for a short while and interact with the locals and learn how to make the traditional Hoi An lanterns you see adorning the alleyways. You will get to make one for yourself!

After that we will head to another village that has been around for 500 years, specializing in pottery. After that, along the way to the waterfall, we will stop at a local market to pick up some delicious Vietnamese fruits to prepare for our picnic. We will enjoy these as we swim in the waterfall...

To get to the waterfall, we'll be doing a little bit of hiking so make sure to put on comfy shoes! And of course, don’t forget your swimwear!

After the waterfall, we'll enjoy a scrumptious home-cooked meal at the bottom of the hill prepared by a local family as we enjoy our scenery and chat and laugh.

It's a simple no-frill get-down-adventure and we'll get you back at your accommodation by 4:00 PM.


Although the private car option is available, we recommend taking the motorcycle option as we think it is the best way to experience our Vietnamese culture. On a bike, we can easily stop whenever and wherever you want. The freedom is incomparable to anything else you've ever experienced.

For those with back problems or family with elderly or young children, then we recommend the private car option. Although, we once had a courageous 6-year old opting for the motorcycle option and ended up having an awesome time and loving every bit of the adventure!

Please note that there is a 30% cancellation fee for any cancellation made less than 24 hours prior to the tour date since we have to book many services in advance. Otherwise, there is a 5% transaction fee for bookings that are canceled 24 hours prior to the departure in order to cover for transaction processing costs.

22 reviews


Great experience with my guide and now friend Tintin ! I had so much fun and after the tours Tintin even brought me to the market and helped with my errands.Your energy and happiness are amazing ! I wish you the best : adventures, friends and success ! Merci (thank you in french) !

I'll keep this review short and sweet. The boys that took us on our tour (Bin, Tin Tin and Thin) were ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. So welcoming and made me and my two friends feel comfortable, instantly. The lantern making was interesting and fun! The pottery class was equally as interesting and fun. The local markets that we attended, showed us how the locals shop and eat.The secret waterfalls were absolutely breathtaking. The lunch that was prepared for us was delicious and genuine Vietnamese food too! Oh and must not forget about the motorbike riding- it was exhilarating! (so after all, this review is not so short) I couldn't recommend it any more then I already have. DO IT! Thanks boys x

We chose to do the waterfall trip having done the Mekong Onetrip in Saigon and I'm so glad we did. As all the other reviews have already said this is a great day out. We loved making lanterns, having a go at pottery, being bought a small pottery whistle based on our birth year, tasting fruit and a special concoction in the local market, and riding along narrow roads through rice paddies etc. The waterfall was the highlight for me though. The climb up to it was a bit steep but Tin Tin carried my bag and I just took it slowly. Plenty of wire to grab and hold on to. We too had the place to ourselves and had a great time trying to get under the falls which were thundering down! Lunch after was a feast, I couldn't do it justice! We were the only ones eating there and it was very peaceful. After we lay in hammocks to relax before making our way back. Having never ridden buffalo before Tin Tin was kind enough to add this to our trip so that was another highlight - we gave the farmer a donation as it's not normally included. We loved the experience and the fact that he went out of his way to arrange it for us. Tin Tin is full of life and laughter and will make sure you have a great time, and his colleague Thinc (spelling?) was a really nice guy too. I'm not a big tour fan normally but I'd highly recommend this one. We hardly saw another tourist and it was very authentic. DO IT with ONETRIP :) Thanks guys for a great day out.

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