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If you're into history, visiting My Son is the ultimate melting pot of ancient Champa history mixed with the modern Remnants of the American war. My Son Sanctuary is the most important Hindu temple complexes in all of Southeast Asia built by the Champa Kingdom from the 2nd to 14th century in central Vietnam.

On two wheels, or four, we’ll head towards the beautiful countryside filled with paddies and river crossings to experience local life that you can only feel in person. History, religion, culture...and of course, FOOD, we've got you covered.

Detailed itinerary

7:00 AM for Motorcycle/ 7:30 AM for Private Car

We start early in the morning to enjoy the cool breeze in the town. We’ll visit local market to get some fresh fruits before taking a ferry across the river, giving you a lovely view of Hoi An from a distance. On the other side is Kim Bong village, known for boat building and carpentry. We'll also get a glimpse of how strawmats are made.

On the way to My Son, we will stop by a bronze casting village where the locals transform bullet shells into musical instruments. We will stop for a home-cook meal before continuing to My Son Sanctuary.

At the Sanctuary, we’ll witness these magnificent thousand year old Hindu temples that continues to puzzle researchers as to how they were able to survive the harsh weather in this region for such a long time. You will also learn more about Hinduism, which shaped the art and culture of the lost civilization for centuries. We'll arrive back at your accommodation around 4:00 - 5:00 PM.


Although the private car option is available, we recommend taking the motorcycle option as we think it is the best way to experience our Vietnamese culture. On a bike, we can stop whenever and wherever you want. The freedom is incomparable to anything else you've ever experienced.

For those with back problems or family with elderly or young children, then we recommend the private car option. Although, we have had a courageous 6-year old having a blast, loving every bit of the adventure.

Please note that there is a 30% cancellation fee for any cancellation made less than 24 hours prior to the tour date since we have to book many services in advance. Otherwise, there is a 5% transaction fee for bookings that are canceled 24 hours prior to the departure in order to cover for transaction processing costs.

22 reviews


Had the best time riding through rice paddies, learning how to weave sleeping mats, eating delicious food, and exploring My Son with Tri. He genuinely loves and cares about what he does and it makes all the difference. This was easily one of the highlights of my time in Vietnam so far and I can't recommend Tri and the rest of the Onetrip team enough. Lovely people in a lovely place!

My wife and I were staying at Christina's Hoi An and booked a Onetrip with them to My Son Sanctuary. The next day we were greated by our guide Tri and the driver of the car (you can also do this by motorcycle). They took us to villages and locals near Hoi An and we finished our trip at the Sanctuary. I highly recommend this trip, it's very relaxed and Tri was a wonderful guide. The Onetrip-style is very informal so it is like you are hanging out with a friend. We talked about many subjects and learned so much about Vietnamese life, beliefs, religion, culture and much more. He is also really interested in what you have to say so it's a great conversation all the way through. It was a great experience!

I highly recommend the My Son Adventure tour with Onetrip Hoi An. Fantastic in every respect from our guides Coconut Tree and Thinh, eating authentic local food, thirst quenching drinks and exploring rural Vietnam on the back of a motorbike. Great value for an all day all-inclusive tour. One of my favourite tours of all time!

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