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The Experience

The Hai Van pass connecting Hue to Da Nang city is undoubtedly one of the most impressively scenic hillside roads in Vietnam. With sudden curves and blind corners, and views that are sure to take your breath away, Hai Van is sure to satisfy your desire for adventure. This is your chance to get off-the-beaten-track with Onetrip on a tour that includes not just adventure, but culture, history and of course - food!

Detailed itinerary


First thing’s first - and that’s breakfast! We will pick you up at your accommodation and drive you to our favorite spot so you can energize yourself. Once you are ready to go, we will begin following the coastal roads along My Khe beach, a popular tourist beach ranked by Forbes as one of the best in the world. As you enjoy the fresh sea breeze, you will get to see Linh Ung pagoda from afar - a colossal Lady Buddha statue standing at 67m high, facing the waves. Be amazed, but not too much, because what’s to come is even better!

The first destination on your itinerary will be Nam O village and here you will be able to learn from the villagers how to make the ubiquitous fish sauce found supplementing virtually every dish in Vietnam. Take this secret back home with you and show your friends and family! We will then ride on to a local fisherman’s temple where fishermen worship their ancestors. Take your time to observe them as they go on about their daily lives, depending on the sea to make a living. It is surely a calming sight.

From there, we will finally begin ascending up the steeped winding roads of the Hai Van pass, leaving behind amazing views of the bay as you enter mountainous terrain. Don’t worry, we can stop whenever you see a great photo opportunity - and there will be many! Take a few moments to yourself and take in the fresh breeze as you ride higher and higher through the serpentine roads. You will certainly feel alive and free! At the top, we will stop to see old war battlements and bunkers and learn about the fascinating history and strategic importance of the pass, and then continue on to the Lang Co lagoon where you will take a quick break. Up next is a beautiful waterfall or a secret beach on sunny days where you can jump in and get fresh after the long ride. A well-deserved Vietnamese lunch awaits you next to the lagoon. Fill up and then take a rest by the lagoon before it’s time to head back.

On the way back you will have two options - you can either carry on by motorcycle or you can take the shuttle bus which we recommend. The bus will drive you through the Hai Van Tunnel, which is the longest tunnel in Southeast Asia. Around 4:00PM you will arrive back at your hotel with a story to share!


Breakfast, drinks, and an awesome local lunch are included.

Important notes

Although the private car option is available, we recommend taking the motorcycle option as we think it is the best way to experience our Vietnamese culture. On a bike, we can stop whenever and wherever you want. The freedom is incomparable to anything else you've ever experienced.

For those with back problems or family with elderly or young children, then we recommend the private car option. Although, we have had a courageous 6-year old having a blast, loving every bit of the adventure.

We also have a minivan group tour option which can have up to 12 guests for a more social experience.


  • 30% cancellation fee for any cancellation made less than 24 hours prior to the tour date since we have to book many services in advance.
  • Otherwise, there is a 5% transaction fee for bookings that are canceled 24 hours prior to the departure in order to cover for transaction processing costs.

5 reviews


We did the Hai Van Pass on motorbike from Hoi An. We were hesitant to do it on motorbike because we'd never ridden one before, and my partner and I are large people, but it was amazing! We felt completely comfortable and safe the whole time. Vin, Leo and Harry were the best, safe drivers, funny guys. It was the best day we'd had in Vietnam. Amazing scenery and some great stops along the way. We'd done the Cu Chi Tunnels and the Mekong Delta tour with Onetrip as well, in car & van, and I could not recommend this company more. The guides are all amazing, its like hanging out with a friend all day. We did a few tours with other companies and they just don't match the level of professionalism or fun of Onetrip. Love it!

This was our best experience in Vietnam so far!! Bryan was very knowledgeable and a really great guy who was really passionate about what he does! Bryan and Thinh took us to some amazing places and really showed us they cared about our experience and safety at all times! Never felt scared or uncomfortable on the back of their motorbike! Their English was perfect so all the information about each place was easily understood. We felt very sad at the end of the day to leave them we we arrived in Hue! Definitely recommend both Bryan and Thinh for your next adventure and we hope to see them in Canada some day!!

One Trip truly gave my family the most memorable, incredible experiences! I’ve traveled around the world and always aim to find ways to engage with the communities I visit, whether through local artisans, homestays, etc., and the tours provided by OneTrip were by far the best ones I’ve ever experienced – by a long shot. We took the My Son and Hai Van Pass tours over two days, and right from the start, the tour guides were so welcoming and fun and energetic! (We had Bryan, John, Jack, Leo, Tai, and Phat on the first day, and Henry, Leo, John, Han, Thinh, and Thoai on the second day!) This level of enthusiasm and care never faltered through the day, even as we ran well over time (my family’s fault – we definitely take our time and go veryyyy slowly, haha) on the first day! We were amazed by the balance of how easygoing and fun-loving they were with how organized and knowledgeable they were as tour guides.Beyond the wonderful personalities on our trips, the visits with to the lantern, straw mat, and fish sauce making locations were the most unforgettable parts of the trip. Not only did we learn about the incredible craft behind these arts, but we met the truly unbelievable people who do them each and every day. As if that wasn’t enough, we were able to [attempt to – this may be where my family really lost time, haha] make our own lanterns and [attempt to] weave the mats. Being able to have that incredibly special opportunity to participate in that way was truly unforgettable. Then, lunch was unbelievably delicious on both days – traditional Vietnamese food by a local family for My Son and at the original seafood restaurant in the beautiful lagoon for Hai Van Pass. The sites themselves were breathtaking, and it was so special to experience them by motorbike. (As far as riding the motorbikes go, everyone in my family had driven/ridden them before, save for one person, but we all found them to be comfortable and never once felt unsafe in any way.)Overall, the My Son day felt more full (there was also a boat ride from Hoi An and the most enchanting ride through the rice patties alongside the mountains!) with a greater emphasis on the history and culture of Vietnam. The Hai Van Pass was also a wonderful day, and we did visit some traditional fish sauce producers (amazing!), but it was much more chilled and relaxed with beautiful vistas and a slightly smaller focus on history – hence is the nature of the tour. All in all, we had such a wonderful experience, and I’ve already told everyone I know to not only visit Vietnam, but to make sure they take as many One Trip tours as possible!

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