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One of the best ways to experience Hanoi is to wake up early and munch your way around the city. Join Onetrip on this morning food tour in which you get to hop on the back of a motorbike and drive through the lively streets and alleyways of Hanoi, hunting for some of the best dishes the city has to offer. Make sure you come with an empty stomach as we’ve planned a delicious menu for you.

Note: Right now our Hanoi Morning Food Tour is in trial mode, and we are in the process of collecting guest feedback so we can provide the best experience possible. Think you'd be up for joining a trial tour at cost-based? All you have to do is cover your own personal expenses and we'll do the rest.

Detailed itinerary

7:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Be ready at 7:00 AM in your hotel lobby - our guides will pick you up right on time for your morning foodie adventure. We’ll zig zag our way through Hanoi’s alleyways on a motorbike, watching as the city wakes up from a night’s slumber. We’ll drive past vendors setting up stalls, shop owners cleaning their shopfronts, and children being walked to school - a common sight every morning.

Our first stop is to grab some xôi xéo, a favorite among locals for breakfast. We won’t be having the sticky rice on the spot though - we’ll get it to go and have it someplace more exciting: by the Hanoi rail tracks on the extremely photogenic Train Street! This street is a very narrow residential street through which trains pass a couple of times a day. When there is no sign of any train, the tracks are full of life - clothes lines strung from one side to the other, kids running about and playing with their toys, adults watching as they enjoy some coffee on a makeshift table. We’ll follow the tracks to the end, where we will take a seat on a table set up by the tracks, and enjoy a morning drink made from local rice and of course, the xôi xéo we took away earlier.

Then we drive all the way up to the northern end of the Old Quarter, in search of the best bánh cuốn, a dish born in Hanoi. Bánh cuốn are thin and delicate steamed rice rolls filled with a mixture of ground pork, minced wood ear mushroom, and shallots. Once we finish our meal, we’ll head off to our next stop. A drive through a few small alleys will take us to a remnant of the Vietnam War - a wrecked B52 bomber aircraft - resting in peace in the middle of a lake since 1972. As we walk around, our guides will take you back in time and tell you some stories about the war.

After the history lesson, it’s back to the Old Quarter to an alley popular for its street food stalls. We’ll be there during its busiest time , so let your senses go wild! Over here we’ll enjoy our dessert, chè, a sweet and colorful soup that us locals love. Once you’ve satisfied that sweet tooth, it’s time to head back to your accommodation. By 11:30 AM we’ll part ways with good memories and a new friendship.

We highly recommend the motorbike option as it is the coolest way to feel like a local. Please do not hesitate to let us know your food restrictions and your preferences so you can enjoy your foodie adventure to the fullest.


The price includes all of your meals and drinks. You just have to show up and eat!


Please note that there is a 30% cancellation fee for any cancellation made less than 24 hours prior to the tour date since we have to book many services in advance. Otherwise, there is a 5% transaction fee for bookings that are canceled 24 hours prior to the departure in order to cover for transaction processing costs.

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