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The Experience

Da Lat is not only known for its beautiful French-style architecture, majestic waterfalls and strong coffee, but also for its delicious cuisine. Head out on this evening foodie adventure with Onetrip, and taste your way through the city. We’re serving up the best of Central Highland cuisine made using the freshest of ingredients grown right here in the mountains of Da Lat. Remember to bring with you an appetite because at the end of the tour, you’ll find yourself redefining what it means to be full!

Detailed itinerary

5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Your personal guide will pick you up at your accommodation at 5:00 PM, and from there we will begin making our way up and down the streets of Da Lat, in search of the best dishes this highland town has to offer. The food stops we’ve chosen for you have been around for a while, serving dishes they have perfected over time, made using recipes passed through generations. You’ll get to eat and drink as the locals do-whether it be on a small stool on the sidewalk, or sat comfortably inside a family-run restaurant.

Through cooking demonstrations, you will even learn how to cook a dish or two yourself, all the while learning about the fascinating history behind Vietnamese cuisine. To sum it up well: it will be a delicious learning experience.

Even though the car option is available, we highly recommend choosing the motorbike option. Motorbikes are an integral part of Vietnamese culture, and only this way can you really enjoy snaking your way through alleys that cars usually have a hard time driving through. The weather may be a bit chilly, so in addition to a hefty appetite, do bring a jacket. Let us know your food preferences in advance as well, so we can adapt the itinerary to your dietary needs.


Your meals and drinks are included in the price. All you have to do is eat!


Note: Right now our Dalat food tour is in trial mode, and we are in the process of collecting guest feedback so we can provide the best experience possible. Think you'd be up for joining the trial tour? Just let us know. All you have to do is cover your own personal expenses and we'll do the rest. The trial price is subject to change after February 2019.

Please note that there is a 30% cancellation fee for any cancellation made less than 24 hours prior to the tour date since we have to book many services in advance. Otherwise, there is a 5% transaction fee for bookings that are canceled 24 hours prior to the departure in order to cover for transaction processing costs.

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