Street Feast: Eating Mi Hen with Vinh

On this episode of Christina’s “Street Feast” series, Christina’s team member Vinh takes a stroll down memory lane with Mi Hen.

Going Vegetarian in Saigon

Are you a vegetarian in need of a place to eat healthy, nutritious vegetarian meals in Saigon? Then look no further! This city offers both locals and newcomers several awesome veggie-friendly and vegan options.

A Travelers Guide to Vietnamese Etiquette

Thanks to a mixture of gorgeous scenery, hospitable locals, scrumptious cuisine and burgeoning business opportunities, Vietnam has quickly risen as a hotspot for avid travellers. So, before heading to Vietnam, some knowledge about the local etiquette and customs will definitely do you good.

The Ultimate Travelers Guide to Vietnam Tet Holiday

Tet is the most important holiday of Vietnam, but as a traveler, you may be disappointed when everything is not what you expect. Since the festival is just around the corner, we are going to provide you with some must-know tips about this grand event.

Saigon’s Best Art Destinations

When it comes to Vietnam’s best art destinations, it would be remiss not to mention Saigon. From nostalgic French-style buildings to vibrant contemporary art spaces, surely the city’s impressive architectural marks are not going to disappoint art-lovers around the world.

Street Feast: Eating Bun Do with Van

On the pilot episode of Christina’s “Street Feast” series, Christina’s team member Van introduces us to the dense and volatile, Bun Do.

The Expat Guide to Moving to Vietnam

​Do you enjoy experiencing every aspect of cultural diversity and traditional values? Are you interested in Asian cultures? Have you ever considered taking a lifelong journey in one of the many Asian countries, be blessed with exclusively delicious food and surround yourself by genuine people? If the answers are yes, then you have come to the right place this article is totally made for you!

Your Comprehensive Guide to  Ben Thanh Market

No matter what it is they sell, and whichever market it is you go to, your experience will be unique and hard to replicate elsewhere in the world. Ben Thanh is one of those markets which is a must go when you are here.

A Complete Guide to Tipping in Vietnam

Tipping is commonly seen as an action showing the tipper’s courtesy and appreciation towards another who has conducted a service towards them, especially in Western countries. There are even some rules and laws regulating that gratuity is counted as a taxable personal income. In fact, tipping is an etiquette that varies from country to country, and newcomers in Vietnam are usually confused by this subject. So learning about the basic rules to tipping before traveling to new countries is essential so as to not offend any locals.

A Beginners Guide to Mobile in Saigon

These days, cell phones have become essential when it comes to traveling for many reasons – from being able to inform your loved ones that you’re safe, to using GPS to find a specific location, and to watching cat videos to kill time during long inter-city bus rides. All of these involve using the internet, therefore having a good data package is essential.