About us

On July 7, 2014, two brothers and a part-time maid started an accommodation business with a desire to build a better home for themselves and for travelers visiting Vietnam. After deciding that “The Joy Factory” might not the most suitable name for a home, Christina’s was born.

Christina’s is a social accommodation concept striving to manufacture joy by focusing on the little things in life. We believe in the social connection that binds all of us and that this social connection is a necessary ingredient towards building a more peaceful world. And by focusing on the very little things in life, we believe we can literally manufacture the joy that can foster social connections throughout the world.

Today, we are a privately-funded social accommodation company striving to manufacture joy for travelers visiting Vietnam, one guest at a time.

Our traveling philosophy

"Your two hearts"

The common belief is that we all have one heart but I don't want to believe in this. I think there are two hearts beating in everyone's chest; one is for sharing and one is for keeping.

Your sharing-heart is for putting out pieces and leaving them behind in wonderful places that touched you and made you feel at home.

Your keeping-heart is to collect all these loved moments and lovely people you met around the world and this exactly is the heart of traveling: leaving things behind and keeping other things with you forever.

I hope you felt at home and collected a piece from this place for your keeping-heart and left us a piece of your sharing-heart… just like I did.

Lots of love,


Team Christina's

Team Christina’s consists of world travelers, Vietnamese returnees, and local university students, citizens, and entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds. We believe that in order to best understand and anticipate the needs of our guests, our team needs to reflect the diversity of our guests as much as possible.

If you think you can contribute to our social mission, let us know.