Home is where
the hearts are...

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Home is where
the hearts are...

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Home is where
the hearts are...

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The social
accommodation concept

We believe in the social connection that binds all of us and that this social connection is necessary towards building a more peaceful world. Therefore, our accommodations are designed with a focus on common space to encourage more social connections for our guests.

Guests at Christina’s can enjoy the privacy of their own self-sufficient apartments while at the same time have access to our common space where they can meet and share stories with other travelers around the world. The idea is not to take away the comfort of private space, but rather to add more to the travel experience via the common space where sharing is encouraged.

After all, sharing is caring and we hope you’ll join us.

Team Christina's

Focus on
common space

If home is where the hearts are, then the kitchen is the hearts of our homes.

We are convinced that few things in life are more social than food. This is especially true when we visit a new country where everything can be different from where we come from.

The common kitchen, part of our common space, is a place where our guests can partake in a cooking class or share their recipes, connecting with travelers from around the world.

Awesome features

Beautiful design

Our design is simple, functional, and beautifully social.

Having traveled extensively, we know what we care most about when choosing a place to stay: a clean bathroom and a comfortable bed. At Christina’s, we make them beautiful.

Great location

Steps from what you need, away from what you don’t want.

We pick our locations to provide guests with the best local experience without sacrificing comfort.

The little things

We believe the little things matter… and we think you'll agree.

From the little bonsai personalities to our super awesome linens, we focus on the tiniest details to ensure the most pleasant stay for our guests.

Over 1,000 amazing reviews

On Airbnb
September 2016

An amazing stay! Everyone at Christina's was very welcoming and hospitable, and went out of their way to make our stay more comfortable. It was great to be able to do laundry and hang out in the various cool spaces around the building. The location is great, not too touristy and we felt entirely safe. We will certainly be recommending this room and the rest of the spaces at Christina's to anyone else who comes to visit Saigon.

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